• miintae // 민태 // 🌿🍵

  • for bangtan + ot7

  • ARMY since 2014 (상남자)

  • archiving bts contents (2015-2020)

  • stan: bts || casual listen: day6, bol4, yorushika, official髭男dism

  • likes: bts, reading manga/manhwa, memes, anime (gintama, hxh, fma, code geass, natsume yuujinchou), drawing, listening to guitar+bass covers



  • no upload requests

  • no full video reuploads (unless subbing into another language)

  • do not leak the password(s) publicly

content use

  • subbing/ translating content = ✅

  • sharing short clips + links + screenshots = ✅

  • making gifs + video edits = ✅

  • do NOT crop/block/blur my watermark

  • proper credit is greatly appreciated !!

  • example: cr. miintae // cr 🌿🍵


Q: someone is reuploading your content; what can i do to help you?

  • short clips are acceptable but not full video reuploads. please try to report the video and call out the reuploader via the comments and contact me directly

Q: why do you run this bts archive

  • to help push non-fans into becoming armys

  • to allow armys who dont have the means to purchase/access such bts content to still enjoy all that being a bts stan entails

  • to motivate current armys to love and support bts even further

  • to contribute to the army fandom as a reliable video source

Q: how i can help/support you?

  • please do your best to love and support bts whether its through purchasing their music/goods, streaming their songs, voting, etc

  • im shy receiving support, but i do have a ko-fi where i can accept funds to help me purchase and share future bts contents: click me

Q: what does miintae mean/stand for?

  • miintae/민태 is just my army username in the fandom

  • it is just a creative combination of min (from 윤기) and tae (from 김형)

  • it has no meaning, i just like it